BreakFree Mountain Biking Club has been created by people who love sports, nature and bike.

We are the First Greek Company, recognized by IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association). Our instructors are recognized and approved by MIAS UK, AAIAC, NCFE and Council for learning classroom. We are EFR (Emergency First Response), BLS (Basic Life Support), secondary care and care for children providers, recognized and approved by EFR Europe.

Our dedication to the respected procedures is our commitment. Everything we do is driven by a spirit of fun and adventure that permeates every trip, and we believe strongly in the tenets of BreakFreemtb.


Vision and mission

Breakfreemtb’s vision is to inspire and encourage people to travel by bicycle.

Our mission is to provide safe, fun, and unforgettable experiences through superior customer services that create memories and smiles that last for a lifetime.


A few words about us…

June 2003, Halkidiki, Greece.

My wife (Triantafillia Veneti) and I (Vasilis Paradas), discover two forgotten mountain bikes in our cottage. After the first painful 6 km of cycling, my long-forgotten dream for biking was awake for good. That was it. It never came out of our life despite our heavy work schedule. I was trying to bike at every opportunity, early in the morning before work, in the afternoon, in the evening during business trips, holidays and every season. Cycling had become an integral part of my life. In 2008 when I had to look for my next professional step after 16 years of carrier in large Greek and multinational companies in the field of automotive and banking industry, I decided to deal professionally with what I loved most, CYCLING. My ambition was to dedicate myself on the human-bike relationship and not on the marketing, manufacturing or designing domain. My previous experience in positions of great responsibility, taught me that in order to do something right, apart from your love for it, you and your stuff must be very well trained. So we immediately began our training, initially in schools abroad, concerning the safe and proper use of mountain biking in France, Austria and Italy. Then in U.K we certified our knowledge and enriched with group management courses, first aid and technical assistance in motion, navigation in mountains and group management in urban cycle. In September 2012 we began our project, organizing bicycling tour in the mountains and cities of Greece, mountain biking training from primary to expert and professional level and cycling workouts. From the very first months of operation, people’s response was great and the really kind words and comments we receive about our services were the reason behind the continuous increase of our popularity. Our commitment to meeting the strict procedures soon compensative us with nearly zero accident rates. In 2013 we accomplished 29 open tours and 9 private tailor made. To date we have more than 500 hours of bike management teams. The future certainly belongs to bike and biking and due to the fact that we are unique in proving full services in our domain, we look ahead with great optimism.